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Dal | Pulses Combo (500g*8) + Kasuri Methi (100gm) Free


Enjoy a nutritious variety with Jaipur Chakki's Dal Combo. Get 500g each of 8 different dals | Pulses (Chana Dal | Split Chickpeas, Moong Chilka Dal | Split Green Gram, Moong Mogar Dal | Skinned Split Green Gram, Urad Mogar Dal | Split Black Gram Skinned, Malka Masoor Dal | Red split lentils, Urad Chilka Dal | Split Black gram with skin, Arhar | Tur Dal | Split Pigeon Pea, Moong Saboot | Whole Green Gram) and a free 100gm pack of Kasuri Methi, all for just ₹535. Perfect for enriching your meals with diverse flavors and health benefits.

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Products Description

Experience the wholesome goodness of Jaipur Chakki's Dal Combo. This combo includes 500g each of Chana Dal, Moong Chilka Dal, Moong Mogar Dal, Urad Mogar Dal, Malka Masoor Dal, Urad Chilka Dal, Arhar | Tur Dal, and Moong Saboot, along with a free 100gm pack of Kasuri Methi. Each dal is carefully selected and packed to ensure the highest quality and freshness, offering a range of flavors and health benefits to enhance your meals.

Key Features:

- Variety: Includes eight different types of dals and a free pack of Kasuri Methi

- Quantity: 500g each (total 4kg) + 100gm Kasuri Methi

- Price: ₹535

- Offer: Free 100gm Kasuri Methi (Dried Fenugreek Leaves)

- Quality: Sourced from the finest farms

- Packaging: Convenient and eco-friendly packaging


- Nutritional Diversity: Provides a variety of essential nutrients from different dals

- Health Benefits: Each dal offers unique health benefits

- Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of Indian dishes

- Convenient Storage: Packaged to maintain freshness and quality

Usage Tips:

- Chana Dal: Perfect for making soups, stews, and curries

- Moong Chilka Dal: Great for traditional dal preparations and salads

- Moong Mogar Dal: Ideal for khichdi and dals

- Urad Mogar Dal: Perfect for making dal tadka and soups

- Malka Masoor Dal: Quick-cooking dal ideal for soups and stews

- Urad Chilka Dal: Adds a unique flavor to dals and stews

- Arhar | Tur Dal: Essential for making traditional dal tadka and sambhar

- Moong Saboot: Ideal for sprouting and salads

- Kasuri Methi: Adds a rich flavor to curries, parathas, and vegetables

Health Highlights:

- Chana Dal: Rich in protein, fiber, and essential vitamins

- Moong Chilka Dal: High in protein and low in carbs, aids in digestion

- Moong Mogar Dal: Rich in protein and easy to digest

- Urad Mogar Dal: Good source of protein, iron, and calcium

- Malka Masoor Dal: High in fiber and protein, supports heart health

- Urad Chilka Dal: Rich in dietary fiber and protein, supports digestion

- Arhar | Tur Dal: Excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, helps in weight management

- Moong Saboot: Packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants

- Kasuri Methi: Rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins, enhances digestion and metabolism

Products Information

- Product Name: Dal Combo (500g*8) + Kasuri Methi (100gm) Free

- Dals Included:

  - Chana Dal | Split Chickpeas (500g) ₹45

  - Moong Chilka Dal | Split Green Gram (500g) ₹65

  - Moong Mogar Dal | Skinned Split Green Gram (500g) ₹65

  - Urad Mogar Dal | Split Black Gram Skinned (500g) ₹75

  - Malka Masoor Dal | Red Split Lentils (500g) ₹55

  - Urad Chilka Dal | Split Black Gram with Skin (500g) ₹65

  - Arhar | Tur Dal | Split Pigeon Pea (500g) ₹105

  - Moong Saboot | Whole Green Gram (500g) ₹60

- Total Amount: ₹535

- Offer: Free Kasuri Methi | Dried Fenugreek Leaves (100gm) ₹45

- Shelf Life: 6 months from the date of packing

- Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the container tightly closed after use.