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Super Saver Dry Fruits Combo (1400g)


Super Saver Dry Fruits Combo (1400g) - Enjoy a healthy and delicious assortment of cashews, almonds, raisins, and figs at an unbeatable price of ₹1099.

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Super Saver Dry Fruits Combo (1400g):

   - Perfect blend of health and taste.

   - Ideal for snacks, desserts, and gifting.


   - Cashew Nuts (400g): ₹499

   - Almonds (400g): ₹509

   - Raisins (400g): ₹180

   - Figs (200g): ₹375

   - MRP: ₹1563

   - Offer Price: ₹1099

Why Choose This Combo:

   - Nutritious and delicious selection.

   - Great value for money.

   - Perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

   - Convenient for daily snacking and festive occasions.

Products Information

Product Name:

Super Saver Dry Fruits Combo (1400g)

1. Cashew Nuts (Kaju):

   - Weight: 400g

   - Price: ₹499

   - Benefits: Rich in healthy fats, proteins, and essential minerals. Promotes heart health and boosts energy.

2. Almonds (Badam):

   - Weight: 400g

   - Price: ₹509

   - Benefits: High in vitamins, particularly Vitamin E, and antioxidants. Supports brain health and skin care.

3. Raisins (Kismis):

   - Weight: 400g

   - Price: ₹180

   - Benefits: Packed with natural sugars and fibers. Helps in digestion and provides a quick energy boost.

4. Figs (Anjeer):

   - Weight: 200g

   - Price: ₹375

   - Benefits: High in dietary fiber, calcium, and iron. Supports digestive health and bone strength.

Key Highlights:

- Total Weight: 1400g

- Total MRP: ₹1563

- Offer Price: ₹1099

- Savings: ₹464

- Stock: Limited availability. Order now to ensure you don't miss out on this fantastic deal!

Get your Super Saver Dry Fruits Combo today and enjoy a healthier, tastier snack option for you and your family!