Jaipur chakki special atta 10 kg +Poha 500gm ( Free )


Our wheat flour is made from the finest quality Golden Whole Grains, ensuring that your food is not only delicious but also packed with nutrition. We use a clean & hygienic home like chakki to ground the flour. This versatile flour can be used to make everything from soft and fluffy rotis to crispy fried snacks. It is hygienically packed to retain its freshness and ensure that you get the best quality flour every time. We ensure you to provide 0% maida, 100% Atta without adding any preservatives.

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Jaipur Special Chakki Atta is the perfect balance of health and taste, offering a unique 4-step advantage process:


  • Firstly you will get a free packet of Poha worth  Rs40 (500 gm).
  • Rich in bran which contains a significant amount of dietary fiber.
  • We source the finest wheat from selection centres, clean the wheat grains thrice, and chakki-grind the flour to ensure 0% Maida and 100% Sampoorna Atta.
  • Our revolutionary mechanised packaging ensures that our atta remains untouched by human hands, making it hygienic for your family.
  • We use a clean and hygienic home-style chakki to grind the flour, ensuring the best quality every time.
  • Our atta is versatile and can be used to make soft and fluffy rotis or crispy fried snacks.
  • We do not add any preservatives, making it a healthy and nutritious choice in your cooking.

Our wheat flour is made from carefully selected, premium quality Golden Whole Grains that are sourced from the best farms. We use clean & hygienic home like chakki to ensure that the flour retains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are present in the wheat grain. This makes our wheat flour a healthy and nutritious choice for your daily meals.


Home-Style Chakki Grinding For Best Quality Flour


Our wheat flour is versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes such as rotis, parathas, puris, cakes, and cookies. The flour has a fine texture that makes it easy to knead and roll, resulting in soft and fluffy rotis and other breads. It is also ideal for making crispy and delicious fried snacks like samosas and pakoras.


Revolutionary Mechanized Packaging To Maintain Hygiene


We take great care in packing our wheat flour to ensure that it remains fresh and retains its nutritional value. The flour is packed in a hygienic and airtight manner to prevent contamination and to ensure that you get the best quality flour every time.




Why choose Jaipur Chakki Special Atta?


  • The perfect balance of health and taste.
  • Hygienic and untouched by human hands.
  • Versatile for making a variety of dishes.
  • No added preservatives for a healthy choice.
  • Finest quality wheat sourced from multiple selection centres.
  • 100% Sampoorna Atta with 0% Maida for a nutritious option.

Our wheat flour is a premium quality product that is healthy, nutritious, and versatile. It is ideal for making a variety of dishes and is packed with essential nutrients that will keep you and your family healthy and strong. Try it today and experience the difference in taste and quality!

Products Information

100 grams of whole-wheat grains contain approximately:

Calories:                      370

Saturated fat                0.37 g: 2%

Cholesterol:                 0%

Sodium                        20mg: 1%

Total carbohydrates:    73 grams: 27%

Dietary Fiber                12g: 43%

Sugars                         7g

Protein                         14g: 28%

Calcium                       85mg: 6%

Iron                              2.3mg: 15%

Potassium                    254mg: 6%