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Jau Guli Daliya | Barley Dalia


Transform your meals with Jaipur Chakki’s premium Jau guli (Barley) Dalia! From comforting Khichdi to indulgent Sweet Dalia, the options are endless. Explore the versatility of Rabdi, savor nourishing Kheer, and create flavorful Pulao. Whether it's a hearty Upma, a soothing Porridge, or a rich Risotto – Jaipur Chakki’s Jau guli (Barley) Dalia is your key to endless culinary creativity! Our Jau guli Dalia is the perfect choice for those seeking a healthy and delicious twist to their recipes.

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Introducing Jaipur Chakki’s premium Jau guli (Barley) Dalia – a culinary powerhouse that effortlessly combines health and taste. Elevate your cooking experience with this versatile whole grain, perfect for creating a myriad of dishes. Whether it's a Khichdi, pulao, upma that tantalizes your taste buds or a sweet rabdi for a comforting start to your day, our Jau guli Dalia delivers on both flavor and nutrition.

Key Highlights:

Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Jau guli Dalia is a wholesome source of essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals, promoting overall well-being.
Versatility Unleashed: From hearty Khichdi, pulao to indulgent puddings, our Jau guli Dalia adapts to your culinary creativity, bringing a nutritious twist to every dish.

Heart-Healthy Benefits: Known for its heart-healthy properties, the soluble fiber in Jau guli Dalia helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular health.

Energy-Boosting: Packed with complex carbohydrates, our Jau guli Dalia provides sustained energy, making it an ideal choice for a power-packed breakfast or a fulfilling meal.

Weight Management: The fiber content aids in promoting a feeling of fullness, supporting those on a weight management journey.

Farm-to-Family Quality: Sourced from the finest barley grains, our Jau guli Dalia ensures a premium Farm-to-Family experience, delivering quality you can taste.

Discover the perfect balance of health and flavor with Jaipur Chakki’s premium Jau guli (Barley) Dalia – a pantry essential for the discerning home chef. Unleash your culinary creativity and embark on a journey of nutritious and delicious dining experiences!

Products Information

Ingredient: 100% premium whole barley grains.
Net Weight: 1kg
Shelf Life: Fresh for 9 months from packing.
Packaging: Sealed for lasting freshness.
Storage: Keep cool and dry; transfer to an airtight container after opening.
Sourcing: Responsibly sourced for a sustainable future.
Usage: Perfect for Jau guli Khichdi, Sweet Dalia, Rabdi (both sweet and Salty), Kheer, Upma, Pulao, Porridge, Soup, Kheer, Risotto, Energy Bars, Pudding, and more..
Elevate your meals with Jaipur Chakki’s premium Jau guli (Barley) Dalia - a balance of health and flavor in every serving.