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Super Premium Sharbati Wheat


Super Premium Sharbati Wheat is a high-quality type of wheat known for its great taste and soft texture. It's often used to make delicious chapatis, rotis, and other wheat-based foods.

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Super Premium Sharbati Wheat stands out as a superior variety of wheat cherished for its exceptional taste, soft texture, and versatility in culinary applications. With its distinct characteristics and numerous health benefits, this premium wheat has become a staple in many households. Now, Super Premium Sharbati Wheat is becoming the Timeless Appeal of Indian Cuisine.

Explore the Delightful World of Super Premium Sharbati Wheat with our product.

Let's delve deeper into what makes Super Premium Sharbati Wheat so special: 

  • Soft and Fine Grains: The grains of Super Premium Sharbati Wheat are finer and softer compared to regular wheat varieties. This attribute lends a tender and smooth texture to the foods prepared from it.

  • Rich Aroma: One of the standout features of Sharbati Wheat is its enticing aroma. The cooked chapatis and other dishes emit a delightful fragrance that adds to the overall sensory experience.

  • Pale Golden Color: This wheat boasts a pale golden hue that adds an aesthetic appeal to the final dishes prepared from it.

  • High Gluten Content: The higher gluten content in Sharbati Wheat makes it an ideal choice for making various Indian breads like chapatis and rotis. The dough is more elastic, resulting in softer and more pliable breads.

  • Chapatis and Rotis: Super Premium Sharbati Wheat is particularly renowned for its role in producing soft, fluffy, and flavorful chapatis and rotis, which are a staple in Indian cuisine.

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Super Premium Sharbati Wheat

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Jaipur Chakki



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Roti & Chapatis

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5kg and 10kg

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1 Month

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1 Packet

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54A, Vardhaman Nagar, 200 Ft Bypass Ajmer Road, Jaipur - 302034 Rajasthan, India

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Jaipur Chakki