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Spices Combo (200g*4) + Plastic Container (Free)


Enjoy a variety of premium spices with Jaipur Chakki's Spices Combo. Get 200g each of Turmeric Powder, Jeera, Red Chilli Powder, and Coriander Powder, along with a free 250gm plastic container, all for just ₹295.

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Products Description

Experience the rich flavors and health benefits of Jaipur Chakki's premium spices with our Spices Combo. This combo includes 200g each of Turmeric Powder, Jeera, Red Chilli Powder, and Coriander Powder, carefully selected and processed to retain their natural goodness. Perfect for enhancing the taste of your dishes, this combo also comes with a free 250gm plastic container for convenient storage.

Key Features:

- Variety: Includes four essential spices: Turmeric Powder, Jeera, Red Chilli Powder, and Coriander Powder

- Quantity: 200g each (total 800g)

- Price: ₹295

- Offer: Free 250gm Plastic Container

- Quality: Sourced from the finest ingredients

- Packaging: Convenient, plastic container for free


- Enhances Flavor: Adds rich and diverse flavors to your dishes

- Health Benefits: Each spice offers unique health benefits

- Versatile Use: Ideal for curries, soups, stews, and spice blends

- Convenient Storage: Free 250gm plastic container keeps spices fresh and easy to use

Usage Tips:

- Turmeric Powder: Add to curries, stews, and smoothies for a warm, earthy flavor

- Jeera: Use in curries, rice dishes, and marinades for a rich, aromatic taste

- Red Chilli Powder: Enhance the spiciness of your dishes with a dash of this fiery powder

- Coriander Powder: Sprinkle on curries, soups, and salads for a fresh, citrusy flavor

Health Highlights:

- Turmeric Powder:

  - Anti-Inflammatory: Contains curcumin, which helps reduce inflammation

  - Antioxidant-Rich: Fights free radicals and protects against oxidative stress

  - Immune Support: Boosts the immune system and helps fight infections

- Jeera:

  - Digestive Aid: Helps improve digestion and reduce bloating

  - Antioxidant-Rich: Contains compounds that fight free radicals

  - Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces inflammation and may help with conditions like arthritis

  - Immune Boost: Supports a healthy immune system with essential vitamins and minerals

- Red Chilli Powder:

  - Metabolism Booster: Capsaicin helps boost metabolism and aids in weight management

  - Pain Relief: Acts as a natural pain reliever due to its anti-inflammatory properties

  - Heart Health: Supports heart health by improving blood circulation

- Coriander Powder:

  - Rich in Antioxidants: Helps combat oxidative stress and inflammation

  - Digestive Aid: Supports healthy digestion and relieves bloating

  - Blood Sugar Control: May help regulate blood sugar levels

  - Immune Boost: Contains essential vitamins and minerals that boost immunity

Products Information

- Product Name: Spices Combo (200g*4) + Free Plastic Container

- Spices Included:

  - Turmeric Powder | Haldi Powder (200g)

  - Jeera | Cumin Seeds (200g)

  - Red Chilli Powder | Lal Mirch Powder (200g)

  - Coriander Powder | Dhaniya Powder (200g)

- Total Amount: ₹295

- Offer: Free 250gm Plastic Container

- Shelf Life: 9 months from the date of packing

- Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the container tightly closed after use.

Enjoy the authentic taste of India with every pinch of Jaipur Chakki’s Spices, where quality meets tradition in your kitchen.